NH 2020 Vision

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

All of us attending the convention are so fortunate that even during this difficult time, our fellow sweepers have been so generous and have donated some amazing prizes! Thank you to the following people and clubs...

Susan Taylor

Amy Kincade

Kathy Wells

Pamela Brint

Barb Noga

Debbie Butler

Sheila Cohen

Nancy Thayer

Michael Stavros

Joan & Kevin Ahern

Cheryl MacFadzen

Dexter Greene

Velma Greene

Pam Caulfield

Valerie Layton

Carolyn Wilman

Beth Decoursey

Karyl Holden

Brian & Mary Stuck

Mike & Danielle Stuck

Pam Caulfield

Donna Schechter

Harriett Brown

Rebecca Honey Graham

Julie Lee

Shawna Yonts

Bonnie Mercier

Faye Batwin

Tom & Linda O'Neil

Rose Romagna

Michelle Kennison St John

Sharon Shafran

Donna Norbet

Kassandra Pacheco

Kathryn Palmer

Nancy Staves

Pauline Hoerner

Andrea Marino

Debbie Bellows

Roy & Linda Aumiller

Kelly Peterson

Kathy Perlson

Aunt Lolo

Gene & Teresa Sweet

Lori Griffith

Chrissy Cavezza

Krista Strider

Carmen Payton

Charlene Hastings

Annette Campbell

Barbara Ryan

Suzanne Landers

Fran Birkins

Bonnie Koivuniemi

Renee Warnecki

Teresa Cole

Jennifer Webb

Alexa Golub

Lee Johnson

Dasha Balyura

DeAnna Parnell

Kimberly Halloran

Karen Stanton

Joy Kear

Diane Kleeman

Jodi Jardine

Hannah Jardine

Irene  Antonaccio

Laura & Jaime Garmendia

Cortney Sneller

Teri Hilger

Sibyl Scheve

Lisa & Alan Bloome

Ann Warhola

Marie Mullins

Patricia Coughlin

Jeanette Gerst

Dasha Balyura

Kathy Crawford

Fran Perry

Karen Lorenzetti

Joan Docherty

Denise Upton

Diana Abrams

Lorraine Waters

Ellen Barenbaum

Lori Goldstein

Teresa Jablonski

Jennifer Webb

Kelly Mayer

Christine Queen

Cathy West

Elaine Fouty

Kate Rivas

Adele Johnson

Rochelle  Deleersnyder

Mary Fiore

Linda White

Nancy Pipp

Deanna  MacFadzen

Robyn Needham

Todd Fields

Debra Taylor

Joan Farr

Marie Morin

Deb Walls

Carol McLaughlin

Patricia Kettren

Ruth Scarduzio

Linda Withrow

Elizabeth Ray

Steve d'Adolf

Laurie Belcher

Tom Cavalli & iWINContests.com


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