NH 2020 Vision

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

Q. What is a sweepstakes convention?

A. A sweepstakes convention is a gathering where like minded hobbyists can get together, share ideas and experiences. Sweepers will have the opportunity to learn and to win some prizes while spending time with some of the most fun people you will ever meet!

Q. What if I want to come alone?
A. Then you won't be alone for long! Many people attend alone for their first time and quickly learn that they are involved in a fun and welcoming community and often meet new lifelong friends!

Q. Will there be a vendor room?

A. No. This has been a difficult decision and for many reasons we have decided not to have a vendor room. Because we don't want you to miss out on the prizes that vendor raffles provided, we have created the Win/Win Room and hope to see many winners while we are able to help a variety of worthy 501(c)(3) charities.

Q. Can I just drop by and visit?

A. No. You must register in advance for the convention and only registered attendees will be able to participate in sessions and convention events.

Q......more to come!

Most of you have probably noticed that we made a couple of changes to the convention format. The reason for these changes is that we have been listening to comments, suggestions, complaints and ideas from many convention attendees concerning past and future conventions. We took all this information and combined it with feasibility and costs and decided to try a couple of new things.

We are, of course, hoping that these are great new ideas, but won’t know for certain until we try!

The first is that the banquet will be a dessert rather than a full meal.

  • We are so lucky to have the convention in a location where there is such a huge variety of restaurants within walking distance, we want to allow attendees the opportunity to explore and experience the local area.
  • Many people feel that the banquet can run very long and late into the evening. We are hoping that this will allow us to still have loads of fun, many winners and that feeling of excitement in a slightly shorter period.
  • Financially, this gives us the ability to provide an amazing brunch buffet on Sunday morning as part of our final session.

The second is that we are not having a vendor room.

  • This was a very difficult decision that we did not make lightly. As you know, the Biron Family is hosting the convention and were vendors for many years. Vending has changed dramatically over the years and envelopes, postcards and sweepstakes supplies don’t sell like they used to. Vendors make most of their earnings by running raffles and this is something that is not allowed by hotel or by the city of Manchester.
  • We do not want to stop vending and plan to give each vendor/attendee a page where they can pre-sell their merchandise and bring it with them to deliver to other attendees at the convention. This will allow the vendors to sell, the attendees to shop and the convention to stay within the rules set by the hotel and the city.
  • We didn’t want anyone to miss out on the ability to enter for all those extra drawings, so we created the Win/Win Room. This is a room that will be full of raffles! All the raffles will be for small 501 (c) (3) charities and we will be able to help some incredible causes while we are winning prizes!

We hope that these changes will be a huge success or at least a learning experience that lead to new and even better ideas!