NH 2020 Vision - 2022 Double Vision

NH 2020 Vision

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

If you are attending from home, please keep checking this page for everything that you need to participate to the fullest!

To start, make sure that you are in the Inner Circle. 

Click Here to Go to the Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is where you can converse with other attendees and see all convention videos and sessions. The convention will be shown through a series of Facebook Live Videos. You can watch them in real time or you can watch them at your leisure. 

Click here for the Convention Schedule

We will be entering your session entry tickets for you and you will be entered to potentially win a prize at each session. 

We have your Pick A Prize tickets here in New Hampshire and you will want to watch for the following link to go live where you can view the options and fill out a form to let us know how you would like your tickets distributed. 

Click here to view the Prizes

Click here for the Pick A Prize form

If you purchased optional upgrade tickets, watch for the following link to go live where you will tell us how you want your tickets distributed.

Optional Upgrade Entry Link

Please keep checking here as we will post anything new that you need to know on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to email nh2020vision@gmail.com or ask in the Inner Circle. Other attendees and our moderators are great sources of information. 

Win Win Room & Donation Drop

If you are attending From Home we will mail any prizes you may win to you, but if you prefer to have one of your friends who is attending pick up for you, give them a copy of your photo ID (a photo on a phone will work) and we will release your prizes to them.

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