NH 2020 Vision - 2022 Double Vision

NH 2020 Vision

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

NH is a one tank state which means that you can get anywhere in NH to anywhere else in NH on one tank of gas! That means that if it is in NH, it is within your reach while you are visiting! So come join us and take some time to explore!

Click on the underlined text to learn so much more about what you can see, do, eat or buy in New Hampshire!

Walk right out of the hotel to find food and shopping steps away!

The convention hotel is right in the middle of Elm Street where you will find shops, entertainment, bars and countless restaurants. There is certainly something for everyone!
Shopping in NH is tax free!

New Hampshire has more than it's fair share of outlets, malls and local boutiques. Whether you are looking for great bargains or unique souvenirs, you will find it in New Hampshire and you won't pay a sales tax. 
NH has some amazing restaurants, many which have been featured on Food Network and other foodie channels!

Fresh ocean seafood...check!
Delicious farm to table...check!
Rustic New England fare...check!

If you want to eat it...New Hampshire has got it! 
Tourism brings in over 2 Billion Dollars per year to this tiny state!

New Hampshire is known for it's majestic mountains, gorgeous lakes and amazing wildlife. While you are here, experience the beauty of New Hampshire for yourself!
Start watching some of our favorite shows to get a taste for life in NH!

New Hampshire has been featured on some great shows...watch some and get to know a bit about our state!
A city full of history!

Manchester, also known as the Queen City is along the banks of the Amoskeag River which means good fishing place. 

In the 1800's Manchester was filled with textile mills and and received an influx of immigrants, particularly French Canadians to work in the mills. 

The mills may be long gone, but many of the building still stand and those iconic brick buildings and French Canadian descendants have shaped the city you visit today. 

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