NH 2020 Vision

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

Shared Visions

Share your vision with your sweeping friends!

Bring something from your home state to the convention. 

$5 worth of new and unused merchandise = One Entry

Unlimited entries

Bring receipts to verify value

Value of items without receipts will be left to the discretion of the NH 2020 Vision Planning Team

Have fun and be creative!

Winners will receive a $50 bag of the collected merchandise

Examples - from New Hampshire I could bring maple syrup, NH Made Badger Balm, Velcro, an Annalee Doll, a Duncraft bird feeder, NH Pewter, Granite Jewelry, a Peterborough Basket or Van Otis chocolates.

PLEASE bring items that your sweeping friends will want to win! If you are sitting beside the winner of your merchandise...will you be proud?

C'mon sweepers! Share your vision!