NH 2020 Vision - 2022 Double Vision

NH 2020 Vision

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

We could NEVER list everything there is to do in New Hampshire or the surrounding areas, but we are working hard to share a wide range of possibilities! We hope you get a chance to experience some of the amazing things New Hampshire has to offer!

Click here for options close to the convention hotel

Nature Activities/Adventure


White Water Rafting

Horseback Riding


America's Stonehenge

Moose Alley

Hang Gliding

Dog Sledding

Ocean Activities

Deep Sea Fishing

Whale Watching


Isles of Shoals


Copper Cannon

Still looking for more?  Other New England States have even more to offer!

Because New England is so small, the surrounding states and even Canada are an easy drive!

Keep checking...more is being added every day!