NH 2020 Vision

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

To keep the basic registration costs lower, but because many of us love to win, the convention provides upgrades to your registration for chances to win some additional amazing prizes!!!

Bronze Level - 15 entries to be used in any of the drawings. $125

Silver Level - 30 entries to be used in any of the drawings. $250

Gold Level - 60 entries to be used in any of the drawings. $500

These upgrades are in addition to your basic registration and you must be present to win. Winners will be selected at the convention. There is a 60 entry maximum per person (gold level). Upgrades will be available for purchase until 6/19/20 and are fully refundable until 6/19/20. After 6/19/20 there will be no more refunds as the prizes will already be purchased.

All money paid toward the purchase of upgrades will be paid out to the winners.

There will be six categories..

  1. Stamps - Winners will receive a mix of Postal Cards, Postcard Stamps and First Class Stamps totaling $500 
  2. Lottery Tickets - Winners will receive NH Lottery Scratch Tickets totaling $500
  3. Gift Cards - Winners will receive a mix of gift cards or gift card codes with a face value of $250 & a $250 Amazon gift card totaling $500
  4. Cash - Winners will receive a check for $500
  5. Trip to Convention - Winners will receive a check for $1150 (based on $200 registration fee, $500 for airfare and $450 for three nights hotel)
  6. Car - 1 winner (or maybe 2 depending on the number of upgrades purchased) will receive a new car or optional cash alternative!

You will receive your tickets in your registration packet when you arrive in Manchester and you will be able to choose which categories you would like to enter with your tickets. That means you can put some in each or all in one...your choice!

More complete rules will be available prior to convention and have the current totals available for each category.